Harvest of a Lifetime

A beautiful photo showing purple wine grapes lie upon some leaves on the dirt and a snake's shedded skin is atop the grapes. Green grapes in the background.Grapes and Snakes at the Powerline Vineyard, Washington State

“We finished crush Monday, so now we have to press…”

VP of Winemaking and Viticulture Brennon Leighton told me the other day. “Everyone is tired, but things have been great – it went extremely well.”

Yes, harvest 2020 is slowly winding down, tying a tight, juicy bow on what could have been a messy year. Despite numerous obstacles — COVID, wildfires, climate change — our Washington vineyards made it through not just unscathed, but actually better than expected.

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For The Hidden, X Marks the Spot

A seductive photo of two bottles of The Hidden Syrah, in low light, showing off their white capsule on top of the bottle and brush-stroked giant "K" on the front label of the bottle.

Many K wines feature the bold, black ‘K’ logo on a white front label, but none quite so elegantly as the The Hidden’s broad brush strokes.

Sustainably grown in the Northridge Vineyard, high on the Wahluke Slope, the elevation’s cooler temperatures delay ripening and draw out complexity in the wine. Northridge is located in an oasis at the base of foothills – the vineyard itself seems “hidden,” in that it looks to be arid land as far as you can see.

It’s not until you’re right on top of it that the lush, green vineyard is revealed.

100% Syrah, The Hidden is inherently powerful by nature but reveals itself with grace, a trait that was, along with the location, taken into consideration in the label design.

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